Team Lead

Lukasz is a one-man-army, with experience in:

  • Describing and documenting users' needs
  • Software architecture design
  • Back-end development
  • Drupal module development, debugging & performance tuning
  • Sysops (Linux administration, clustering, HA, cloud, ...)
  • OpenStack

Lukasz is a founder of

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Lukasz has rich experience in project management, software architecture and software requirements analysis. With over 10 years of experience in IT field, he worked with companies like Unizeto Technologies SA and IBM Poland to deliver solutions for public administration and government, including Ministry of Interior of Poland, Social Insurance Institution and Office for Foreigners of Poland. He also worked as developer for international customers from Belgium, Sweden and France.

In our company, Lukasz is primarily responsible for communication with customers, establishing common vision of products and planninghigh-level technical design of our solutions. He also helps the team achieve high quality and efficiency of their work and develop critical elements of delivered solutions.

Drupal contributions

If possible, Lukasz contributes feedback and patches back to the community. You can find full list of his contributions on his profile on .

  • Business areas
    • security
      • digital signature
        • Hardware Security Modules
        • PKCS#11
        • PKI
    • public administration
      • e-PUAP
    • website development
  • Software development
    • Data migration
    • Integrations
      • SOA
      • Single Sign On
        • OpenID
        • SAML
        • oAuth
      • Web Services
        • RESTful
        • SOAP
      • XML
        • XMLSchema
        • XPath
        • XSLT
    • Products and frameworks
      • Drupal
        • Drupal module development
        • Drupal site building
    • Version control
      • CVS
      • GIT
      • SVN
    • project management
      • PRINCE2
  • Systems administration / operation
    • Apache HTTP Server
      • Performance tuning
      • SSL
    • High availability
    • Jenkins CI
    • Linux
    • OpenStack
  • Technical design
    • High-level system design
    • Requirements management
      • Use case specification
    • UML
Recent projects


Pomerania Cloud is a public cloud services provider in Szczecin, Poland. It provides users with both public and private cloud services, like VPS, cloud servers, dedicated servers or storage. We have deployed and now maintain whole virtualization management solution, based on OpenStack technology.

Applications Autisme

We love working on things that can make a difference to the lives of ordinary people. That's why we are happy when we can join projects that matter. One of them was Applications Autisme - web platform which mission is to help people with autism fight with their disabilities.

Applications Autisme contains online directory of mobile applications that - through excercises of basic skills like manual skills, listening or counting - help people with autism work on their disabilities. It's very important in their therapy.


Have you ever seen a TV monitor installed in public places, displaying multimedia advertisements? We have developed an Android-based device that controls these monitors.

The device divides the screen into several regions and allows various multimedia assets (like animations, video, images and even full web pages) to be displayed in these regions, changing them based on predefined schedule. Both the assets as well as the schedule can be managed remotely, so operators don't need to physically access the device to reconfigure it.

Jones Photography and Tom D. Jones

Tom D. Jones and Jones Photography are home pages of professional photographers. From webmaste's perspective, they act as one site, but for customers they are visible as two, separate websites, available at separate webpages.

This site utilizes modern responsive design. This means that it works well both on desktops, tablets as well as smartphones.

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