Terms of service

This document describes general terms of sale of services provided to you by Software Inn Sp. z o.o., owner of website http://www.softinn.eu.

General information

Software Inn Sp. z o.o. is a limited company with headquarters in Szczecin, Poland, ul. Cyfrowa 6. You can see full corporate information here.

We provide the following services:

  • dedicated server rental,
  • virtual server rental,
  • cloud server rental,
  • server administration,
  • software development, maintenance and bug fixes.

You can see more information about our services on our price list.

To improve security of our users our services are available only to:

  • EU businesses and organizations which have a valid EU VAT number,
  • non-EU businesses and organizations which data can be verified online in official business registries.

However, in exceptional cases, we can provide our services to other types of Clients.

Contact and customer service

If you have any questions or issues regarding your service, you should contact us using information available on Contact page of our website.


To subscribe to our Service, you should:

  • select the service you are interested in,
  • proceed with the purchase wizard.

In response, within 48 hours (usually much faster) you will receive either: - an automated e-mail confirmation of your purchase, or - an e-mail from our consultant to get more details about your needs and requirements, or - access credentials for your service.

Once you get a confirmation of your purchase AND your payment has been processed successfully, your service becomes active.


When you buy new service or need to renew existing one, we will send you an Order. Order is a document that states:

  • names of services which need payments,
  • amount due and due date,
  • payment information.

You can make your payment using:

  • SEPA bank transfer, sending your money to our bank account,
  • credit card or internet payment channels

All credit card and internet payment transactions are processed by Dotpay.pl Payment Institution.

Once we receive your payment, we'll issue and e-mail you an EU VAT invoice.

Cancellation and termination

To cancel your service, simply don't pay for an order. We will cancel your service as soon as your paid period ends.

If you are an individual, you can cancel newly purchased service within 14 calendar days and receive full refund.

We can terminate your services anytime, if we suspect that:

  • your service is not 100% legal,
  • your service is a security threat for our infrastructure or other users.

In other cases, we can terminate the service once the service period comes to an end, with at least 14 days prior notification.

When we terminate our service, we: - disable access to the service, - contact you to let you transfer your data.


In an (unlikely) event of any issues with our service, you can fill Complaint by contacting our Customer Service.

If your complaint is well founded, we will give you a discount proportional to the time when our Service was not available or not fully operational. When calculating the discount we will assume that the issues started when you reported them to us for a first time. The discount cannot be higher than one month subscription of the affected Service.

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Document date: 2016-01-11

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