We have developed Madeleine Back-end - a web application that helps residents of nursery homes stay in touch with their families.

PROJECT GOALS Years and years ago, when our families lived in multigenerational homes, grandparents used to see their children and grandchildren on a daily basis. With development of modern society this has changed. Nowadays, many elderly people live alone or use services of nursery homes. It gets much harder for them to maintain correct relations with their children and grandchildren. Seniors are getting more and more lonely, and it can have negative impact on their mental and physical health. That’s why we need to help seniors to stay in touch with their families.

Nowadays more and more people live a big part of their lives online - using Internet and social networks like Facebook to maintain relations with their friends and families. Unfortunately, there is a "digital gap" between young and middle aged family members and their grandparents: seniors find it difficult to understand and operate modern online tools like Facebook. Madeleiene project is an attempt to close - or at least decrease - that gap, and bring seniors who live in nursery homes closer to their families.

PROJECT DESCRIPTION Madeleine project consists of a tablet, which is used by a senior - resident of a nursery home, and a Madeleine Back-end web application, used by senior's family members and professional caregivers. We were responsible for development of that back-end web application.

Madeleine Back-end allows senior's family members and professional caregivers send direct messages to a senior. These messages will be displayed on the tablet in a friendly and easy to use way. It also includes features that allow users to build a "history stream" for a senior, including important events from their family's life - like photos of their grandchildren, birthdays etc. There is also a feature that allows caregivers to plan seniors' activities in a calendar. It also contains management mechanisms that allow nursery home’s employees to administer tablets, assign them to users, etc.

TECHNICAL BACKGROUND SOFTWARE AS A SERVICE Madeleine Back-end has been developed in SaaS architecture. One installation of Madeleine Back-end can support multiple nursery homes. This approach makes it really easy to scale the solution without increasing maintenance complexity of the software.

DRUPAL 7 We’ve decided to use Drupal 7 as a base platform for this project, and developed many custom Drupal modules which are responsible for implementation of complex business logic. User interface makes heavy use of AJAX and CSS / SaaS to get a seamless user experience.

SYNC WITH MOBILE APPS Madeleine Back-end is synchronized with tablets (running dedicated Madeleine tablet app) using REST web services. Integration mechanisms have been designed in a way that makes it really easy to integrate with PUSH mechanisms, like Apple Push Notification Service (APNS), Google Cloud Messaging for Android (GCM) or integration solutions like Amazon SNS.

DEVELOPMENT WORKFLOW To achieve a stable and reliable deployment process, we have established a full develop - stage - production workflow. We have also introduced some QA automation, based on Jenkins, Selenium and Cucumber. This allowed us to eliminate regressions when deploying new versions of the software to production (and we did production deployment every 2 - 4 weeks).

MORE INFORMATION The project has been developed for our French client - Auticiel. You can find more information at .

Skills utilized in this project: PHP, MySQL, AJAX, SASS, Responsive layouts, jQuery, RESTful, Drupal module development, Drupal theme development, Drupal web application development, GIT Our role in this project: Drupal developer, Linux administrator

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