Drupal 7 port of Consistent Language Interface

I've ported Consistent Language Interface from Drupal 6 to Drupal 7. It's my third contribution to Drupal project.

Consistent Language Interface is a module that shows option to switch Drupal GUI language. It displays a block with text and/or flags corresponding to target language.

More info about this module could be found on Drupal project page. The port is published in issue queue.

Port of "translation overview" and "firebug lite" to Drupal 7

I've contributed a port of two Drupal modules to Drupal 7: Translation Overview and Firebug lite.

Translation Overview is a module, which allows admins to easily see which nodes in Drupal were translated to target lanugage. It also allows setting translation priority for each node.

Firebug Lite adds Firebug tool to Drupal without the need of installing Firebug in your browser.