CloudFlare and Drupal - presentation from DrupalCamp Wroclaw 2014

Cloudflare Certified Partner

Do you wonder how we can boost performance of your website, without even taking a look at its code? It's smple - we are partners of Cloudflare, and it gives us unique opportunity to use their complex infrastructure to improve performance and security of our clients' web applications.

We participated in Drupal Camp Wroclaw 2014, where I shared some knowledge about Cloudflare You can see the slides below (in English).

How to make Drupal work well on Microsoft technology stack

I was recently on DrupalCamp Wrocław, where some people suggested that we should share at least part of our experience with MS technologies. We are working on a big project, where we have to use Microsoft technologies - namely Windows Server 2012, MS SQL Server and IIS. The system we build is big and complex - and Drupal is just one of the modules there. We faced many issues which need to be solved before our production system starts.