Applications Autisme

We love working on things that can make a difference to the lives of ordinary people. That's why we are happy when we can join projects that matter. One of them was Applications Autisme - web platform which mission is to help people with autism fight with their disabilities.

Applications Autisme contains online directory of mobile applications that - through excercises of basic skills like manual skills, listening or counting - help people with autism work on their disabilities. It's very important in their therapy.


Back-end developer, test automation engineer

Marcin is a back-end developer and testing automation engineer, with experience in:

  • C/C++
  • Java (J2EE)
  • Drupal back-end development
  • Android
  • behavioral testing in Behat and Cucumber¬†
  • digital signature and public key infrastructure
  • car controllers firmware in automotive industry.¬†

Jones Photography and Tom D. Jones

Tom D. Jones and Jones Photography are home pages of professional photographers. From webmaste's perspective, they act as one site, but for customers they are visible as two, separate websites, available at separate webpages.

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