Requirements engineering

What is requirements engineering?

Requirements engineering is a process of gathering, describing and managing clear requirements. Primary goal of requirements engineering is to ensure that all project participants have the same understanding of project requirements, and that no important requirement is missing. Requirement engineer uses various tools and techniques to ensure that the requirements are complete, consistent, unambiguous and verifiable. 

Output of requirements engineering process varies depending on project type and complexity. It can be a formal Solution Requirements Specification (SRS), as described by IEEE Standard 830-1998; it can be also a set of Use Case Scenarios or User Stories, Excel table of requirements and some wireframes. 

How can requirements engineering help me?

If you are planning software development project, you might benefit from a solid requirements engineering process in one of the following ways:

  1. Ensure that all details of your project have been carefully analyzed and understood
  2. Organize your team's work based on requirements, which helps estimate your project time and cost and measure progress
  3. Improve technology decision process by giving your engineers solid input data
  4. Use requirements as a communication tool between remote and/or distributed teams
  5. Prepare a detailed specification as an input to Request for Price
  6. Easily analyze impact of project changes
  7. And many, many more!

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