Plan and deliver

We will plan, architect and manage your IT project, helping you get best business value within your budget.

Develop and Integrate

We have rich experience in deployment and integrations of various OpenSource solutions.

Hosting and support

We provide virtual and physical infrastructure as well as professional, developer-grade support & maintenance services.

Requirements analysis

It might be hard for you to predict all details of your web app upfront. That's why we ask many questions before development that help both will help you clarify your needs, and analyze consequences of your choices.

Focus on your business

We understand that what you really need is help to solve your business needs, not deliver a bunch of software features. And we focus on satisfying these needs, and do it in a way that your users will enjoy.

Adapt to changes

We know that your expectations can change during the project. We know that your business changes dynamically, and that we need to adapt to these changes. We understand the need to manage these changes, monitor them and adapt. And we do that.

Our skills